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Highway Prayer Patrol

Highway Prayer Ministry commenced in December 2006. The prayer ministry intercedes for all road  users during school holidays; the Passover weekend and December/January holiday season. Many prayer groups in the towns and cities of South Africa are mobilized to pray for road users to be alert on the roads, to adhere to road safety rules and regulations and to keep other vehicles and drivers in mind whilst on the road. We belief that prayer will make a difference in the heart of people and this attempt will reduce road traffic accidents.

A tent is erected at the petrol ports on the main highways during peak seasons, for prayer groups to join in prayer sessions and the distribution of gospel literature. Prayer groups from local congregations are invited to participate in the prayer sessions and gatherings for Bible study and to reach out to the motorists during holiday periods.

Radio Pulpit, Delight your Passenger, RTMC, and the Department of Safety and Security are actively involved in the prayer ministry and visit the areas where prayer tens are erected to communicate the gospel and reach out to the people of South Africa.

The prayer tent is equipped with CD parcels, literature, spiritual teachings and some refreshments to welcome all the drivers and passengers that visit the tent whilst filling up at the petrol port. Various prayer groups from local congregations assist in the handing out of CD parcels and distribution among road users whilst Radio Pulpit broadcasts from site.

Wynand Rossouw from Radio Pulpit forms an integral part of the prayer team and is broadcasting from the mobile unit every year since the ministry was established.

Radio Pulpit announcer, Jack Motsoetla, talking to a traffic officer about the combined prayer action between Highway Ministry and Radio Pulpit.

Motorists visit the prayer point to pray for the safety of motorists on the roads during peak season.

Statistics reflect a reduction in accidents and deaths on the roads with the inception of this ministry.

Prayers of the righteous.

Volunteers and prayer groups/ministries are invited and most welcome to join us in prayer against death on the roads. Feel free to click the button below to connect with us.

‘The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availed much’.
James 5:16

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