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Highway Ministry Report: It’s Time 27 October 2018

As the Highway Ministry bus made its way towards Rhino Park Airfield, between Pretoria and Bronkhorstspruit, listening to the singing of the 37 passengers, my mind wanders back to last year’s “Its Time” event in Bloemfontein, wondering wat to expect this year.
Walking towards the main area, I looked around at the excited faces of the people. There were serenity and a calmness present while friendly voices greet you as you walk along.

Feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit, we made ourselves at home at tower number 27. There were a total of 29 towers at this massive venue.

Around us were fellow South Africans of all races, and creeds, singing songs and just enjoying the atmosphere.
Angus Buchan started the program by saying that his son said to him: “Dad, the people are soft and ready for the working of the Holy spirit in their lives”. Those words found their way into my heart and will remain there. God’s children are ready for what Father God wants to do in our beautiful country.

The prayer services were simple and to the point, emphasizing once again the importance of prayer – corporate and otherwise.
South Africa is ready for revival! It’s Time!

“Worthy is the Lamb”

Jan de Bruyn

I the loved the songs of praise and worship and it was the first time ever that I knelt before God and found total peace in my heart.

Usually things like that happen in church, but this outside gathering was really very special for me spiritually.

Ever since Saturday all the messages from the Bible has a total different meaning to me, as my heart has opened up to what the Lord wants to say to me, and what direction my spiritual life has to take.

I feel that my faith has also deepened, and I think about our Father constantly through the day.

Ursula Fick

My bywonig van hierdie geleentheid het vir my baie beteken.

Die eerste ding wat my opgeval het was die puik organisasie waarmee alles gereel is.

Tweedens het die welwillendheid wat daar tussen almal – ook alle rasse – geheers het, daarvan getuig dat die meerderheid van die mense, wat die
gebedsgeleentheid bygewoon het, oortuigde christene is. Dit het my baie bemoedig, want vrede sal heers tussen mense wat die Prins van vrede, nl.
Jesus Christus as Verlosser aangeneem het.

Angus Buchan se boodskappe was Bybelgetrou en daar kan geen fout met sy teologie gevind word nie. Sy kinderlike geloof en oortuiging waarmee hy die boodskappe gebring het, het ons almal geïnspireer en aangemoedig om te volhard in gebed vir ons land en sy mense.

Ons dank die Here vir `n dienskneg van die Here soos Angus Buchan. Mag die Here hom en almal wat die geleentheid georganiseer het, ryklik seën.

Tienie Prinsloo

I attended the prayer meeting on 27 October 2018 at Rhino Park in Pretoria.

I decided to attend the gathering as our country (South Africa) is on its knees and we desperately need The Lord Jesus Christ to help us and to brake the yoke of evil which is busy chocking the country and its people.

The logistical arrangements regarding the meeting seemed a bit challenging, as I was planning to travel to the meeting by car, however the Lord is faithful and I was able to travel to the event in a luxury bus!!

If your faith costs you nothing it’s worth nothing

It was a very warm day in Pretoria. We walked very far to find the “right place” to sit for the day. Our baggage became heavy after a while.

When sitting down one could feel the heat from the sun burning down, however right through the meeting there was a “fresh wind” which brought great relief.

The message from uncle Angus was shorter than usual but it was powerful. We all prayed for the Lord to save our country and to forgive our sin.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible at the meeting. There was unity and peace between all the people almost like we were on another planet.

After the meeting we started walking back to our bus. We soon realised that we were totally off direction as cell phone technology failed us due to limited signal.

After one and a half hours of walking in various directions  we were really exhausted. I prayed to the Lord, silently, to help us as we were busy wasting time and getting more tired each minute. After a while an usher appeared and offered to help us. We all got into his Fortuner and he took us strait to where our bus was parked. The Lord is really faithful!!

During the bus trip we sang a few worship songs and heard some encouraging testimonies.

It was a long day and at times felt a bit tough, but it was worth it!

Matthew 6:33 says “seek first the Kingdom of God….”

To summarise: on 27 October 2018 we all seeked the Kingdom of God and the day cost us a bit of sacrifice.

On 27 October 2018 my faith cost me something and I am excited to see the fruit which will follow.

It was definitely a great Godly experience.

God bless you.

Francois Coetzee

Soos met “It’sTime” 2017, het ek as gelowige “It’sTime” 2019 positief en so inspirerendervaar! Om soveel mense te sien aankom – almal met een doel voor oë – om God te verheerlik en om ons land en sy mense aan Hom op te dra, was voorwaar ʼn voorreg.

My gevoel is dat geeneen na Saterdag kan terugkeer en nie weet en voel dat ons Hemelse Vader die groot werk wat 18 maande tevore in Bloemfontein begin is – gaan klaarmaak nie.

Ek sien met reikhalsende verwagting uit na God se wonderwerke in ons mooie land.

“ As God vir ons is, wie kan dan teen ons wees”

Erna de Bruin

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